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Ultra Core Wicks

Ultra Core Wicks

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 New Ultra-Core Wicks are made right here  in the USA and are a 100% natural option for your container candles. Ultra Core Candle wicks offers the rigidity of zinc  . . . without the metal wire. This product line gives candle makers their independence from using zinc core wicks. Ultra Core is an all fiber wick. It has the rigidity of zinc core without any wire or paper in the core.

The fibers used to construct Ultra-Core Wicks provide a incredible burn in ALL waxes! They have been tested in soy, paraffin, coconut, palm, beeswax, candle gel and many hybrid blends, and the Ultra-Cores did not disappoint! One wick that works in any wax has finally arrived.

The core is a specially treated fiber that completely consumes. Since the core of this advanced wick consists of fibers, not metal, it does not leave behind the unsightly metal wire protruding from the flame as it burns.

The wick stays straight during the candle fill, and more importantly during the burn. This wick is an excellent choice for container candles.  

The Ultra-Core unique knitted patented design allows the wax to flow through the fibers easier to fuel your flame, and improves your melt pool, resulting in a much better burning candle. A better performing melt pool means less tunneling, and a better hot throw for your scents. Ultra-core wicks burn with a shorter, hotter flame, which means little or no soot and much smaller mushrooms.


  • Rigidity in the filling process
  • 100% Fiber wick construction
  • Great alternative to Zinc Core wick
  • Patented open construction
  • Unmatched consistency spool to spool and batch to batch
  • Made in the USA

The sizing system of Ultra-Core wicks is easy to understand. The wick number (1.45, 1.651, 1.792, 2.0, etc.) represents the melt pool diameter of your candle after 2 hours of burning in a 140-degree paraffin wax.

This size is a starting point for your wick selection and adjustments may need to be made depending on the wax used, fragrance, color, additives etc.

ALWAYS TEST BURN YOUR CANDLES but here are some recommendations based on our testing.
-Trim your wicks to ¼ inch or less.
-Palm wax and low melt point paraffins burn very easy - size down accordingly
-Size up for beeswax candles.






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Very good!




Very good


I was struggling trying to figure out wicks to use for my 8oz tins. I went through Ecos and CDs and just couldn’t find the right combination for me. I always get my wax from Sozo so thought I would try the UC wicks. I double wicked my tins with 1.6 and the combination with the Soy Luxe Blend was absolute perfection for me!

SōL Tantric Candle Co.
Consistent Burn

My tin vessel measures 3.15 inches on top and the 3.0 wick is perfect. This wick gave me the confidence to make wicked candles. It performs so well. The hot throw paired with the luxe soy-blend is PERFECTION! Thank you again for such a consistent product.