Polaris Vessel

Polaris Vessel

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This 16 oz concrete jar is a stunning statement piece.  It will hold 3 wicks. It is round and holds approx 14 oz of wax. It comes with a matte finish. Shiny finish is available upon request 

All concrete vessels are custom ordered to your specification.  We create these in house and have a 2-3 week turnaround time. Comes in sets of 6 or 12.

New colors will be added seasonally.

You will receive an email with an expected delivery date once items ships. 

**If purchasing other items with your concrete vessels order, your items will not ship till the vessels ship.

PLEASE READ: These items are created uniquely in small batches by us and will have distinct features that make them unique. Perfectly imperfect vessels for your candle line. Variations are normal and there may be natural blemishes ir brush strokes from sealant. These jars can be reused for a varied amount of purposes once candles have been burned. 

 No refunds or exchanges


Vessel Dimensions:

Exterior Diameter: 4.5 inches

Interior Diameter: 4. nches

Height: 2.625 inches

Inside depth : 2.5 inches

Height with Lid: 3 inches

Fill: We comfortably fill to 14 oz

Weight of Empty Container: 16.10 oz

Wick Recommendations:

Tested with Sozo Soy-Blend, 3 Rigid Curl 1.48 wicks worked best with most fragrance oils.