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This wax is in pre-sale and will arrive to us approx. Fr 1/26-1/28  Once it arrives anyone who has pre-sale it will go out first before stock hits the website.  If you are needing this wax Pre-sale is courtesy so you don't miss out.  If you order other items they will not ship till the wax does.  Please plan accordingly

Our Luxe Coconut-Apricot is a natural candle wax that is delightfully blended with coconut and apricot and a very small percentage of paraffin wax formulated in, this truly unique blend has a melting point of 129 degrees. This wax will create very rich and smooth candles with great container adhesion.

A natural coconut-apricot blend with a creamy off-white appearance.  This candle blend helps promote good burning characteristics while maintaining minimum smoking and sooting when the wick is sized correctly.

It has excellent adhesion to the side of glass jars.  An easy to use candle wax; just open the package, gradually melt, mix and pour. This natural candle wax is recommended for container candles.

 The Coconut-Apricot performs better with smaller wicks than other waxes, and does best when a 2 week cure is met for a better developed hot throw.

 Fragrance Load: Luxe Coconut-Apricot can accommodate a fragrance load of 10% to 12% with MOST fragrance oils. Please conduct your own testing to ensure candle safety, as each fragrance oil may behave differently.

 Melt Point: 125-130 degrees F.

 Flash Point: 415 degrees F.

 Candle Making Info:

 Suggested Direction: We recommend heating to  200 degrees F, and adding fragrance oil no lower than 190 degrees. These higher temps help the wax and the fragrance oil to bind. Stir your Fragrance Oil for approx.. 30-45 seconds. Our Recommended pouring temp is around 185 F, although this wax can be poured hotter or cooler without issue.

**Contact us for orders of 5 cases  or larger for a wholesale BULK discount




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