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Cranberry Candle Dye

Cranberry Candle Dye

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Our liquid candle dyes are extremely concentrated and are the quickest way to color paraffin, soy, gel, and palm wax. Requiring only a gentle stirring to achieve an even and consistent color, our liquid dyes mix easily, leaving no particles or sediment in wax.  You can also paint embeds or wax molds with our dyes.

 Our liquid dyes are meant to save you money

Just 1 oz. of dye brings 100 lbs. of wax to a medium shade of color. On a smaller scale, this is equivalent to using about 7 or 8 drops per pound of wax.

Dyes sold per Ounce

Usage Notes

Light Shades......0.001%- 0.005%
Medium Shades.... 0.01%- 0.05%
Dark Shades..........0.15%- 0.2%


*Colors may appear different on screens than in person



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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
The color is not cranberry

Even though the dye I ordered was not cranberry as pictured, it is a beautiful deep purple color. I would say more of a violet frost color but certainly not cranberry. Perhaps the company selling this product should test their product. It is a very beautiful color however it is not cranberry. I would love to upload a picture of the finished candles but cannot do so on this review. I would purchase this dye again but a name change is necessary…


Love this color! Thanks Sozo for another perfect product.