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Pro- Food Candle Kit

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This is not your average kit!  All the wax you need to start creating food candles is included with this kit, pair with the The Candle Chef Academy Online tutorials

These waxes a specifically added to this kit to help you make the very best in food candles.  It has all you need for all the classes in the Candle Chef Academy Courses. The Candle Chef academy has step by step directions to make beautiful candles of Tropical Drinks, pies, cakes, cheescakes and so much more

Each kit contains enough wax to make most of the dessert candles and drinks in the full VIP Classes.

Supplies Included:

4 different waxes
•6028 - 8 lbs
•High Density Gel Wax- 4 lbs
•Luxe Soy - 4 lbs
*Paraffin Pillar Tar Wax - 2 Lbs

• 4 Lb Pouring Pitcher


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