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Medium Density Gel Wax- Penreco

Medium Density Gel Wax- Penreco

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Gel Wax is a high-polymer gel wax suitable for clear candles with medium- to high-fragrance loads, 0 - 5%, and the ability to suspend dense pigments or decorative particles. Also, depending on the design and shape of the candle, this gel can be made into a free-standing form.


The Penreco Gel Wax is a premixed gel that is easy to use. Simply heat, add Candle Color dye and our Fragrance Oil and pour! Gel doesn't shrink so there is no need to do a second pour! Gel burns twice as long as other waxes and can accommodate suspended decorative objects, wax chunks, embeds, etc.


Note: Wax is packaged in gel substance form


This wax performs well with 5% to 6% fragrance load.




Fragrance Load: 4 - 6% **


Meltpoint: 230 degrees F 


Pouring range: 215 - 225 degrees F for maximum translucency, 200 degrees F if pouring over imbeds 


Candle Making Info:


Candles made with gel wax perform much differently than those made with paraffin or soy. Please review before use (see safety factory sheet). Testing for proper wick size is strongly recommended. Working and burning temperatures for this product is much higher than for paraffin wax. All applicable safety procedures should be maintained. All manufacturers of gel candles should consider using wick assemblies with a neck height of at least 6 mm in order to firmly hold the wick in place and keep the flame from reaching the very bottom of the candle container.



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