Fragrance Oil Food Kit

Fragrance Oil Food Kit

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Bring your Food Candles to life with this must have Fragrance Oil Candle Kit.  A collection of all the food candles you can make as an accompaniment to the Candle Chef Academy Course.  This has all the smells to help you create some amzing works of art

This kit includes:


4 oz  Strawberry

4 oz Cherry

4 oz  Southern Pecan

4 oz Chocolate

4 oz Buttercream

4 oz  Blackened Raspberry Vanilla

4 oz Blueberry

4 oz Banana

4 oz Pineapple

4 oz Hot Apple Pie

4 oz Cinnamon Vanilla

4 oz Pina Colada

4 oz Tropical Paradise

4 oz Blueberry Pie

4 oz Georgia Peaches